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Uniforms/Dress Code

Panama City Advanced Schools believes that a mandatory school uniform policy will provide a more secure school environment, promote an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and connotations associated with various types of clothing. All Students (PRE-K through 12th Grade) are required to wear uniforms to class. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children wear the designated school uniform clothing.  

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Dress for Success!


Students shall be expected to maintain a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance at school.

  • ​Clothing should be:
    • ​​Neat and Clean
    • Fit properly (not too tight or too loose) for sitting, praying, reaching, bending, and running
    • ​Not torn or ripped
  • Hair should be:
    • ​​Neat and Clean
    • ​Boys' hair must be cut above the eyebrows, the ears, and the collar (NO designs may be cut into the hair/shaved out)
  • Accessories
    • ​​Girls (Pre-K through 5th Grade) may wear stud earrings only.  Jewelry is limited to one ring per hand
  • Hijabs
    • ​Girls must wear an underscarf (same color has hijab) under their hijab.  Appropriate fastners should be used to maintain proper wear of hijab (no visible hair)


​Parents or guardians will be contacted bring the appropriate attire or allow them to take the child home to dress in the proper uniform.